Go Contacts vs Go Contacts Ex - What's the difference?

September 8, 2011 - 2 minute read -
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I've previously posted about the benefits of using the custom Contacts/Dialer Android app Go Contacts. However there's also another version of the same app, by the same developers, available called Go Contacts Ex. Go Contacts Ex is a slightly tweaked version of the original with a few graphics updates.

Both apps have a similar base feature set, with Go Contacts Ex only enhancing upon Go Contacts' visual appearance.

Dial Pad

Here is a comparison of the Dialler screens for Go Contacts and Go Contacts Ex. Both screenshots are taken with the included "Dark" theme.

Go Contacts: Dialer

Go Contacts Ex: Dialer

Display Settings

Go Contacts Ex includes a number of extra display options, including transition effects. Here's a comparison of the two and an example of Go Contacts Ex's transition effects.

Go Contacts: Display Settings

Go Contacts Ex: Display Settings

Go Contacts Ex: Transition


Other Differences

  • Go Contacts Ex allows you to set individual ring tones for each contact. (thanks D K)
  • Go Contacts 'merge' function allows you to specify the main contact in use. (thanks Untrusted0)/li>

Both Go Contacts and Go Contacts Ex can be found for free in the Android Marketplace.

If you've come across any other differences, please leave a comment below.