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  • Reading passwords from a file with Selenium IDE and SelBlock

    Recently I found the need to have Selenium loop through a bunch of commands for different users, each with their own usernames and passwords.

    Thankfully, it's fairly painless to setup using the SelBlock plugin for Selenium IDE.

    Create a datafile:

    [{ user: "ash", pass: "test1234" }
    ,{ user: "brock", pass: "test1234" }
    ,{ user: "jessie", pass: "test1234" }
    ,{ user: "james", pass: "test1234" }
    ,{ user: "misty", pass: "test1234" }]

    If the file is saved in the same directory as the test script, you can use a relative path.

    Loop through it and log the username:

    forJson varset.json
      getEval"user is "${user}")

    April 14, 2016 - 1 minute read - selenium-ide selenium selblocks